Engaged: Jacqueline & Brandon!

October 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

Jacqueline & Brandon are some of those people who just seem to "click." They've got a great connection, and I had a blast shooting with them. We meet at an idyllic family farm, and got to explore some of the fields, hollows & willows. Their golden retriever was by our side for most of our evening together. We were chasing the sun at times, and we were trying to avoid the bugs at other times, but even so, we still ended up with some great shots. When two people have so obviously fallen for each other, it makes my job easy.

Oh yeah, I got lost trying to get there, and trying to get home & ended up in a few situations that reminded me of some horror movies I've seen—but it was worth it, because I got some good sermon stories of it! 0005-edit0005-edit 0008-edit0008-edit 0009-edit0009-edit 00120012 0025-edit0025-edit 0026_edit0026_edit 0027-edit0027-edit 00530053 0059-edit0059-edit 0062-edit0062-edit


Coleen Wickham(non-registered)
Love the Pics...they do just click!!! Love them both!!
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